Africa Regional Workshop for Environment, Climate and Resilience

The Africa Regional Workshop for Environment, Climate and Resilience was held on the 24th-28th September 2023. The workshop brought together participants from over 14 different countries for a time of learning, exchanging ideas and networking through the lens of resilience building.

Akili Group Learning and Exposure Visit

On Friday, 9th June, the K4R team consisting of 16 people from different member organisations went to Akili Group for a learning exposure visit. The aim for the day was to learn about climate change and carbon credit, but all present can attest that there was so much more information gathered. We met the group founder Haron Wachira who shared the inspiring story that led to the formation of the Akili Group. Mr. Wachira is keen on the generational transfer of information and among the things he promotes in Akili Group is the preservation of knowledge as communities usually have the solutions to their problems.

K4R AGM 2023

The Annual General Meeting was held on Friday, the 14th of April 2023. The highlights of this year’s meeting included:

  • Sharing of the financial report
  • Community of Practice midline evaluation findings
  • A recap of the CoP’s achievements in the last year
  • The resource mobilisation strategy to be implemented in the 2024 financial year and most exciting,
  • Election of the 2023-2025 CoP leaders.