K4R advocates for resilience building in communities. We give our members opportunities to have their voices heard in policy discussions at national and County levels.

Synergy and partnerships
The K4R advocacy strategy is hinged on the effective collaboration of the COP members and their respective networks. We continually anticipate to establish new partnerships, and formalize existing ones formalized at both national and county levels.

Resources and budget
Our advocacy strategy is based on an assumption that K4R COP members will integrate suggested activities into ongoing institutional priorities and report back through a well-coordinated reporting mechanism for monitoring ease. Any resources mobilized for specific advocacy initiatives highlighted in our strategy, are directed to county level policy issues where the greatest opportunity to realize rapid gains, lies.

Evidence-based advocacy
Collecting systematic evidence through increasing the depth and breadth of relevant policy research, improving its dissemination through deployment of effective messages such as policy briefs, building long-term relationships with policymakers at National and County Governments, forming coalitions and networks will be key in the delivery of policy advocacy objectives.

National Symposium for Disaster Risk Reduction

From the 8th-13th October, members of K4R and several other NGOs, County governments across Kenya and academic institutions participated in the National Symposium for Disaster Risk Reduction in preparation to celebrate International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction on the 13th of October. The symposium hosted several rich discussions on disasters and how they are linked […]