Sustainability and Inclusion: Transforming Lives and the Environment

Idris is the founder of the Memita Disables Tress Nursery and Creativity Centre. He is passionate about tree planting and educating people on the negative effects of climate change. He started Memita Disables group as a sanctuary for others like him who are also disabled. The group gives them a sense of belonging and they contribute to the meaningful work of saving planet earth, as they put it on their gate. The facility the group operates in is Idris’ home which he has now turned into a tree nursery and creativity centre. The compound does not look like your typical compound in Samburu County. There are fruit and indigenous trees, a local water tank and practical art made out of everyday objects like soda bottles and tires. The group is very keen on recycling. Much of what is used in the centre has been used previously for other purposes. Their seedlings are planted in previously used milk packets and water bottles. The group is made up of over 14 members, all differently-abled. They have planted oranges, tomatoes, black beans, white beans and passion fruit among others. The group sells their produce from the compound since going to the market can be challenging. With the money made from the sale of their produce the group continues to improve their farm, purchasing a water tank and investing back into their centre.