Benefits of Joining

Knowledge-sharing opportunities : An integral advantage of membership is the ability of members to learn from each other’s experiences and expertise thus improving effectiveness of member organizations. This includes the sharing of findings or innovations from on-going resilience interventions, information and practices. This is achieved by organizing through science cafes, webinars, workshops and field exposure visits.

Impact: Membership increases the capacity of members and empowers them to integrate resilience. Members have opportunities to participate and formulate resilience- related policies and practices especially the Sendai Framework at different levels (County/national regional/global). Partner organizations are empowered to integrate resilience throughout the project management cycle towards developing resilient and sustainable interventions/communities.

Enhanced networking opportunities: Support networking opportunities for partners at local, country, regional and global levels through workshops, exposure visits and knowledge-sharing platforms.

Enhanced collaboration opportunities: Members are able to connect with each other, collaborate on projects or advocacy objectives and to partner with members and other actors of resilience focused interventions especially those supported by SMC.

Other Benefits:

  • Access to the network’s online K4R Platform, where members can access learning materials, a knowledge hub, share stories, participate in discussions, collaborate on documents and chat with other members.
  • Capacity-strengthening resources published on the K4R Platform, including training, workshops and webinars.
  • The opportunity to become part of K4R’s advisory and governance structures, such as the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.

Some of the activities K4R undertake are:

Stakeholders Meeting
During the meeting, members share what they are doing with regards to implementing resilience projects including the innovations they are spearheading in that front.
Resilience Thematic Webinars
Open to organizations and individuals interested in resilience and DRR. The webinars are strategic in enabling the CoP members in integrating resilience in their works. Panelists also share tried and tested frameworks as a basis of building resilient communities.

Enhancing collaborations of government and stakeholders(GNDR, UNISDR, NDOC,NDMU) with partners
Strengthening the national DRR dialogue on resilience by advocating for the strengthening of the national DRR Platform mandate to oversee and monitor the SFDRR implementation in Kenya. Engaging in international DRR dialogue for best practices.

Capacity- Development Workshops

Exposure Visits

Science Cafes:
Sharing findings and innovations from on-going resilience related interventions.