A Community of Practice (CoP) is defined as: “A group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.”1 CoP’s are usually informal, self-organizing, and span across departments with members distributed throughout different or same organizations.

The purpose of K4R Cop is to strengthen collaboration, partnerships and networking among member organizations for purposes of knowledge sharing and learning in the field of DRR and resilience. By involving members from different disciplines and geographic areas in Kenya, knowledge flows and gaps are addressed. Our emphasize is on learning in the context of a what we are already practicing.

There is no membership fee required to join or to maintain membership in the K4R CoP However, both organizations and individuals are required to sign the ToR that binds the community together. Additionally, organizations are encouraged to share a two-page document detailing their profile. This should include but not limited to its expertise / strengths (areas the members of K4R CoP can benefit from), its scope of work (thematically and geography) and contacts of at least 2 people who will be representing the organization in the community.

K4R Cop does not lean on any religious inclination and is apolitical in nature.

Specific roles and responsibilities of a COP member may include:

  1. Active participation in the activities of the K4R CoP.
  2. Sharing of resilience best practices including but not limited to conferences, reports, tool kits, case studies, call for proposals, events etc.
  3. Developing and maintaining good working relationships with relevant stakeholders, within and outside the K4R CoP, while acting as a good will ambassador for the CoP.
  4. Promoting and leading the implementation of resilience best practices.
  5. Collaborating and harnessing partnerships with like-minded member organization for purposes of pooling expertise and resources together i.e. joint proposal development.
  6. Provide opportunities for members to learn from